Thursday, September 28, 2006

Report on Free Distribution of Canned Qurbani Meat

Report on Free Distribution of Canned Qurbani Meat To Earthquake Survivors and to others in Pakistan

Purpose: Distributed Canned Qurbani meat to poor and needy families in Earthquake hit area as well as to deserving families in other areas.

Quantity received 1310 Cartons, each carton consisting of 24 cans. Each can having Mutton, potatoes, curry powder, chilli paste, cooking oil sugar & salt.

Distribution Details:
Total number of cartons distributed in Earthquake zone: 1000 Cartons.

Distribution in NWFP: Balakot = 300 cartons
Mansehra = 100 cartons
Batgram = 100 cartons

Distribution in AJK Muzaffarabad = 200 cartons
Neelam Valley = 150 cartons
Rawalkot = 100 cartons
Bagh = 50 cartons

Since the quantity packed in each can is enough for a family to consume the cooked meat for a meal, some deserving families received 2 or 3 cans each. Normally one can each has been distributed to the needy people.

Almost 10 pictures of the distribution process have been provided to MAA as attachment to our e-mail sent on 26th August to Mr. Mayat’s address.

We have arranged pictures with banners in the background showing MAA as donors. All these banners were developed by us in Pakistan.

Left in stock:
Almost 300 cartons were being distributed in backward region of the Punjab but stopped now after receiving e-mail of Mr. Marjuni. We are searching the banners mentioned in e-mail of Mr. Marjuni. If not found, we shall distribute the remaining canned meat as well.

Many families in Earthquake area received this Qurbani meat as a novel opportunity to have received cooked, tasty and decent meals.
Family Abdulsttar says:… came to us as “Manno Salva” blessed from the heavens… Almighty Allah.

Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan is proud to have arranged clearance, transported the meat to various locations and distributed the meat to needy people including women & children who have lost everything and needed food, ration and other basic items to survive. Thanks to Muslim Aid Australia for all the arrangements and remembering the victims of violent earthquake.

(Syed Ihsanullah Waqas)
Secretary General,
Al-Khidmat Foundation, Pakistan

(Ahsan Ali Syed)
Director, International Relations,
Al-Khidmat Foundation, Pakistan

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