Tuesday, September 26, 2006

The Future

“Our ultimate aim is to create self-sufficient and independent communities, which will break the vicious cycle of dependence on external and short term aid.”

Muslim Aid Asia is constantly on the alert for deserving causes within Southeast Asia and
the Far East.

Our principal role is to vet the applicants and aid recipients, and follow up on the prompt delivery of aid and timely implementation of projects. We also monitor projects to ensure that aid is being managed in the most productive fashion, and importantly, reach those who are most needy regardless of colour and creed.

Our emphasis is on investing in long-term projects that can create self-sustaining communities and people.

We believe that the provision of aid alone is not the solution. To be most effective, aid must be targeted towards solving the root causes of poverty through investment in education, income generation projects, sustainable health care, and the provision of quality and hygienic infrastructure, especially clean water systems, for both people and livestock.

Thus, we take a strategic approach that tackles the root cause cause of problems, and we encourage the active involvement of local communities in development projects by providing them with labour, materials, advice and general support in
order to help them progress.

This approach is true to the spirit of Islam which encourages its followers to work vigorously in pursuit of a better life.

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