Friday, September 29, 2006

5 cara mudah untuk menyumbang

1. Datang Sendiri:
8-1-2, Menara Mutiara Bangsar, Jalan Liku,
59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

2. Melalui Pos :
8-1-2, Menara Mutiara Bangsar, Jalan Liku,
59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

3. Deposit langsung :
EON BANK KL MAIN # 0518-11-000311-5
(sila pos atau faks borang wang masuk ke Muslim Aid Asia Sdn Bhd)

4. GIRO Antara Bank :
Affin Bank, Alliance Bank, Bank Muamalat, Bank Islam, Bumiputera Commerce, Citibank, Eon Bank, Hong Leong Bank, Maybank, OCBC, Public Bank, RHB Bank, Southern Bank, HSBC Bank dan Bank Rakyat.

5. Kad Kredit :
Amex, Diners, Visa dan Mastercard


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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Report on Free Distribution of Canned Qurbani Meat

Report on Free Distribution of Canned Qurbani Meat To Earthquake Survivors and to others in Pakistan

Purpose: Distributed Canned Qurbani meat to poor and needy families in Earthquake hit area as well as to deserving families in other areas.

Quantity received 1310 Cartons, each carton consisting of 24 cans. Each can having Mutton, potatoes, curry powder, chilli paste, cooking oil sugar & salt.

Distribution Details:
Total number of cartons distributed in Earthquake zone: 1000 Cartons.

Distribution in NWFP: Balakot = 300 cartons
Mansehra = 100 cartons
Batgram = 100 cartons

Distribution in AJK Muzaffarabad = 200 cartons
Neelam Valley = 150 cartons
Rawalkot = 100 cartons
Bagh = 50 cartons

Since the quantity packed in each can is enough for a family to consume the cooked meat for a meal, some deserving families received 2 or 3 cans each. Normally one can each has been distributed to the needy people.

Almost 10 pictures of the distribution process have been provided to MAA as attachment to our e-mail sent on 26th August to Mr. Mayat’s address.

We have arranged pictures with banners in the background showing MAA as donors. All these banners were developed by us in Pakistan.

Left in stock:
Almost 300 cartons were being distributed in backward region of the Punjab but stopped now after receiving e-mail of Mr. Marjuni. We are searching the banners mentioned in e-mail of Mr. Marjuni. If not found, we shall distribute the remaining canned meat as well.

Many families in Earthquake area received this Qurbani meat as a novel opportunity to have received cooked, tasty and decent meals.
Family Abdulsttar says:… came to us as “Manno Salva” blessed from the heavens… Almighty Allah.

Al-Khidmat Foundation Pakistan is proud to have arranged clearance, transported the meat to various locations and distributed the meat to needy people including women & children who have lost everything and needed food, ration and other basic items to survive. Thanks to Muslim Aid Australia for all the arrangements and remembering the victims of violent earthquake.

(Syed Ihsanullah Waqas)
Secretary General,
Al-Khidmat Foundation, Pakistan

(Ahsan Ali Syed)
Director, International Relations,
Al-Khidmat Foundation, Pakistan

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Qurban for Life 2006AD/1426H
Project Report

"That they may witness the benefits (provided) for them, and celebrate the name of Allah, through the Days Appointed, over the cattle which He has provided for them (for sacrifice): then eat ye thereof and feed the distressed ones in want.” Al-Hajj: 28

Muslim Aid Australia
Muslim Aid Asia

Mpogo Islamic Centre, Uganda
Cambodian Muslim Student Association
Islamic Union of Hong Kong
Al-Huda Development Association, Palestine
Muslim Youth Religious Organisation, Philippines
Muslim Aid Sri Lanka
Charitable Society for Social Welfare, Yemen
Al-Nada’s Charitable Association, Lebanon
Al-Khidmat Welfare Foundation, Pakistan
Saff-Perdaus, Singapore
Ampro, Singapore


Muslim Aid Australia has been organising Qurban since 1989 on behalf of donors, for distribution as FoodAid to the world’s needy. Each recipient country’s needs and logistics will be assessed so as to distribute the most effective form of Qurban with your donations. At the same time, as part of MAA’s effort to provide quality FoodAid distribution to the world’s needy communities, MAA sources livestock according to Islamic specifications.
MAA conducts Qurban in three different forms – canned, frozen, and local slaughter.

Canned Qurban
The canning of Qurban is the most viable alternative in poor, drought-stricken and war-torn places lacking infrastructure such as electricity. Canned meat provides longer shelf life, allowing the poor and destitute sustain their families for a longer period in times of calamity and trials.

Frozen Qurban
Where possible, MAA distributes frozen Qurban meat in areas where it sees as more culturally appropriate and having the right infrastructure. This allows such communities to use frozen meat for food preparation.

Local Slaughter
MAA organises local slaughter in some countries where your contributions assist in the ongoing sustainability of the community by supporting local farmers. The needy communities also benefit from non-meat products such as skin and wool.

Forms of Qurban implemented for 2006AD/1426H:

Local Slaughter 822 Qurbans

Uganda 50 goats
China 80 goats
Sri Lanka 98 (14 cows)
Cambodia 154 (22 cows)
Philippines 140 (7 cows)
Palestine 175 (25 cows)
Yemen 100 sheep
Lebanon 25 sheep

Hard Frozen None

Canned 1,749 Qurbans
Pakistan 1,749 sheep


Canned Qurban

a. Slaughter
MAA monitors the halal slaughter process done at the facilities of Fletcher International, an export-only abattoir company. The slaughter took place on 10-12 Zulhijjah 1426H (Jan 10-12, 2006) and was witnessed by representatives from MAA, MA Asia, Ampro Singapore and Saff-Perdaus. The boneless meat of the sheep was transported to Malaysia for canning.

b. Canning process
Canning was carried out at the facilities of Pertima (Terengganu) Sdn Bhd. Located on the east coast town of Kuala Terengganu, Pertima is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Terengganu State Economic Development Corporation. A launch was held on Feb 21st, 2006, to mark the beginning of the canning process.

c. Distribution by country

Partner: Al-Khidmat Foundation
Distribution was carried out in areas affected by the earthquake in Kashmir, as well as to deserving families in other areas.

'Click chart to enlarge'

Comments by recipients:
Many families in the earthquake affected areas who received the Qurbani meat said it was a novel opportunity to have received cooked, tasty and decent meals. Family Abdulsttar said, “… came to us as “Manno Salva” blessed from the heavens…..from Almighty Allah.”

Local Slaughter

Distribution by country

Partner: Mpogo Islamic Center
Background: Mpogo Islamic Center (MIC) is an Islamic religious community-based organisation founded in 1995 by a group of Muslim preachers, Imams and Mosque Elders of Mpogo with the following objectives:
1. Iftar Ramadan and Qurban programs
2. Provide relief in situations of disaster
3. Alleviate poverty and other hardships
4. Skills, training for self reliance
5. Provide health care services
6. Education and orphan care
7. Equip the community with Islamic morals.

Partner: Cambodian Muslim Student Association
Beneficiaries: Approximate 4,400 people

Partner: Islamic Union of Hong Kong

Partner: Al-Huda Development Association

Partner: Muslim Youth Religious Organisation
Number of Animals: 20 cows
Number of Beneficiaries: 3,000 people
Beneficiary Communities:
1. Barangay Taviran, Datu Odin Sinsuat Maguindanao
2. Poblacion 2, Cotabato City
3. Super Market Site, Cotabato City
4. Poblacion, Kabuntalan, Maguindanao
5. Poblacion, Paglat Maguindanao
6. Sapakan, Raja Buayan, Maguindanao
7. Barangay Tee, Datu Piang, Maguindanao
8. Semba, Datu Odin Sinsuat Maguindanao
9. Poblacion, Datu Piang, Maguindanao
10. PC Baracks, Isulan, Sultan Kudarat
11. Poblacion Sharif Aguak Maguindanao
12. Barangay Ambarao, Datu Piang, Maguindanao
13. Balabagan, Lanao Del Sur
14. Poblacion, Parang, Maguindanao
15. Orphanage Center, Datu Odin Sinsuat Maguindanao
16. Tukananes, Poblacion 7, Cotabato City
17. Barangay Bagumbayan, Kabuntalan, Maguindanao
18. Sitio Pansacala Rosary Heights 7, Cotabato City
19. Mabini Mosque, Poblacion 1, Cotabato City
20. Barangay Bukana, Cotabato City
21. Mindanao State University Muslim Compound, Maguindanao
22. University of Southern Mindanao Balik Islam Mosque
23. Southern Christian College, Midsayap Cotabato
24. Notre Dame University Muslim Community
25. Sarilikha National High School, Datu Odin Sinsuat Maguindanao
26. AMA Computer College, Cotabato City
27. System Technical Institute School, Cotabato City
28. Poblacion, Datu Abdullah Sangki Maguindanao
29. Pagaten, Datu Piang Maguindanao
30. J Marquez National High School, Cotabato City
31. Buliok, Pagalungan Maguindanao
32. Zenaida Subdivision, N.D. Village, Cotabato City
33. Poblacion Guindolungan Maguindanao
34. Poblacion, Talayan Maguindanao
35. Poblacion II, Midsayap Cotabato
36. Barangay Liliongan Pikit, Cotabato
37. Barangay Kalsada, Datu Montawal, Maguindanao
38. Barangay Pitopon, Gen. Salipada K. Pendatun Mguindanao
39. Barangay Kayaga, Datu Paglas Maguindanao
40. Barangya Pupol, Buluan Maguindanao
41. Barangay Delag, Buluan Maguindanao
42. Barangay Popoyon, Tulunan Cotabato
43. Barangay Matilak, Pigcawayan Cotabato
44. Salipada Mosque, Raja Buayan Maguindanao
45. Barangay Labu-Labu, Ampatuan Maguindanao
46. Esperanza, Sultan Kudarat
47. Barangay Crossing, Simuay, Sltan Kudarat Maguindanao
48. Muslim Compound, Alamada, Cotabato
49. Barangay Capiton, Datu Odin Sinsuat Maguindanao
50. Baranagy Gambar, Kabuntalan Maguindanao
51. Urban Poor Center, Cotabato City
52. Poblacion Buldon Maguindanao
53. Gadungan, Barira, Maguindanao
54. Tapayan Sultan Mastura, Maguindanao
55. Dunguwan, Sultan sa Barongis Maguindanao
56. Barangay Kiblawan, Aleosan, Cotabato
57. Barangay Mibpandacan, Gen. S.K. Pendatun Maguindanao
58. Barangay Kaladturan, Gen. S.K.Pendatun Maguindanao
59. Barangay butilen, Datu Piang Maguindanao
60. Malabang, Lanao del Sur
61. Barangay Matuber, Balabagan Lanao del Sur
62. Poblacion Matanog Maguindanao
63. Poblacion IV Pikit, Cotabato
64. Barangay kalanugas, Pualas, Lanao del Sur
65. Barangay Ginakit, Ampatuan Maguindanao
66. Blue Mosque, ARMM Compound, Cotabato City
67. Barangay Damakling, Paglat Maguindanao
68. Barangay Ulandang, Midsayap Cotabato
69. Barangay Kenepi, Talayan Maguindanao
70. Barangay Kaularan, Gen. S.K.Pendatun Maguindanao

Sri Lanka
Partner: Muslim Aid Sri Lanka

Partner: Charitable Society for Social Welfare

Partner: Al-Nada’a Charitable Association
Number of Animals: 25 cows

Such (is his state): and whoever holds in honour the Symbols of Allah, (in the sacrifice of animals), such (honour) should come truly from piety of heart. Al-Hajj: 32

Event Calender

Bulan Ramadhan ini-1427H, kami bersama-sama Hotel Singgahsana Petaling Jaya mengadakan Majlis Berbuka Puasa bersama Rabbani. Bermula dengan Tazkirah oleh Ustaz Kamal juga dari Muslim Aid Asia (MAA- Isnin-Rabu-Sabtu) 10 minit sebelum berbuka puasa. Selepas berbuka puasa, nyanyian nasyid dari Kumpulan Rabbani pula mengambil tempat.

Taskirah Ustaz Kamal akan berterusan sehingga akhir Ramadhan.

Selamat Berpuasa.



The sacrificing of Qurban or Adhiya is a highly recommended religious act. Prophet Muhammad SAW (pbuh) ordered each family to do so at least once a year. Muslim Aid Asia (MAA) calls on you to donate your sacrifice, religious duty, to the world's most needy families-give a Qurban4Life.

MAA monitors the certified halal process of your Qurbans. This ensures humane treatment of the animals and healthy meat product. As part of our effort to provide quality food aid distribution, MAA sources livestock according to Islamic specifications. We ensure a balances selection of male and female sheep for long term sustainability, and non-diseased animals.

Slaughtering will be carried out on the 10th to 12th Zulhijjah 1426H (January 10-12,2006) at facilities chosen by MAA. The facilities are those certified halal by the Australian Federation of Islamic Development (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia-JAKIM).

This year, we are offering a three-pronged approach to food aid:

RM350 for one full Qurban
Performing a Qurban on behalf of your family as Food Aid can feed up to five families for one week.

RM200 equivalent to half a Qurban
Giving at least 15 cans of corned meat, which can be stored to benefit a family for several months.

RM100 donation
This gift provides general food aid to feed one whole family in some of the world's poorest countries.

MAA HAS been organising Qurban for over 13 years for distribution as food aid to the world's most needy. We see the canning of Qurban as the most viable alternative in poor, drought-stricken and war-torn places that are lacking infrastructure such as electricity.

Canned meat procides longer "shelf life" allowing the poor and the destitude to sustain their families for a longer period in times of calamities and trial. In the 1425H season, MAA donated three containers od canned Qurban to Indonesia and one to Thailand.

Where possible, MAA also distributes Frozen Qurban Meat in areas where it sees as more "cultureally appropriate." This allows such communities as the war striken and those struck by disaster, to use fresh meat for food preparation.

MAA also organises "Local Slaughter" in some countries. This way, your contributions assist in the on-going sustainability of that communuty.

1. Livestock is purchased locally.
2. Fresh meat is enjoyed on Eid day.
3. Support local farmers.
4. The needy community also benefit from non-meat products of the Qurban such as skin and wool.

MAA assesses each country's need and logistics, to distribute the most effective from of Qurban with your donation.

The Location

“Muslim Aid Asia is the Asian hub for the global philanthropic activities of Muslim Aid, the world’s leading Islamic charity.”

This Asian arm of Muslim Aid has been set up specifically to address the critical needs of disenfranchised people in the diverse and populous nations of Southeast Asia and the Far East. Marginalised communities in these Asian nations are grappling with problems ranging from poverty and armed conflict to displacement and political oppression.

Based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, the homegrown Asian experts staffing Muslim Aid Asia have first-hand knowledge of these problems and are ideally placed to create and execute workable solutions for Asian peoples in crisis.

Given our central location in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, in the heart of Southeast Asia, the Muslim Aid Asia teams can travel quickly to ground zero to conduct critical assessment exercises and fact-finding missions. Our strategic position also enables us to maintain close contact with an extensive network of local NGOs in each individual country, since our modus operandi is to cooperate with local relief agencies to channel aid fast to the communities most in need.

Our proximity to the tsunami-struck areas of Indonesia and Thailand served us particularly well recently: Muslim Aid Asia was one of the first aid agencies to ship emergency rations, clothing and medicines to the victims of the recent tsunami in Acheh and Phuket, offering much-needed comfort and succour to these people who have suffered tremendous loss and pain.

Kuala Lumpur is also the location of choice for Muslim Aid Asia given Malaysia’s economic affluence and enviable resources. A wealthy and generous population known for its philanthropy facilitates fund-raising efforts, and an excellent transportation network, ample supply of goods, equipment and medicines, and first-class human resources enable the swift distribution of aid to troubled areas across Southeast Asia and the Far East.

“A Quality of true believers is that they feed the poor for the Love and Pleasure of Allah alone” Quran 76:6

The Future

“Our ultimate aim is to create self-sufficient and independent communities, which will break the vicious cycle of dependence on external and short term aid.”

Muslim Aid Asia is constantly on the alert for deserving causes within Southeast Asia and
the Far East.

Our principal role is to vet the applicants and aid recipients, and follow up on the prompt delivery of aid and timely implementation of projects. We also monitor projects to ensure that aid is being managed in the most productive fashion, and importantly, reach those who are most needy regardless of colour and creed.

Our emphasis is on investing in long-term projects that can create self-sustaining communities and people.

We believe that the provision of aid alone is not the solution. To be most effective, aid must be targeted towards solving the root causes of poverty through investment in education, income generation projects, sustainable health care, and the provision of quality and hygienic infrastructure, especially clean water systems, for both people and livestock.

Thus, we take a strategic approach that tackles the root cause cause of problems, and we encourage the active involvement of local communities in development projects by providing them with labour, materials, advice and general support in
order to help them progress.

This approach is true to the spirit of Islam which encourages its followers to work vigorously in pursuit of a better life.

The Agenda

“ Hunger, Health, Hygiene, and Education are among the most pressing problems on Muslim Aid’s agenda ”

As an Islamic organisation working within the parameters of the religion, one of our chief priorities is to deliver halal food and medicines and clean water to impoverished Muslims, who make up the majority of the world’s poor.

Yearly, our global Qurban project has successfully addressed the problem of providing sustainable supplies of food for poor Muslims around the world. Every year, Muslim Aid cans and ships Qurban meat to Muslim communities in Europe, Africa, the Middle East and Asia, and the meat eke out their diets and improves nutrition throughout lean months of hardship.

Alternatively, Muslim Aid also uses donations to buy cattle from farmers in agrarian nations such as Sri Lanka and Indonesia for Qurban, simultaneously boosting village economies and providing nourishing meat. Muslim Aid also tackles hunger proactively through its Fast to Feed programmes, held in the holy month of Ramadan, where women, children, the disabled and the elderly in countries like Bangladesh, Somalia and Afghanistan are fed at least one vitamin-enriched meal a day.

Muslim Aid also stresses good hygiene and sanitation, which are important to curb killer diseases such as diarrhoea in impoverished communities and overcrowded refugee camps. Muslim Aid has built water wells providing clean water, invested in water purification programmes and latrines, and educated villagers on maintaining good hygiene in third-world countries like Somalia and Afghanistan.

Improving the welfare of orphans and children is also top priority for Muslim Aid, in line with Islamic injunctions to treat them with kindness. Our programmes such as Orphan Aid have funded school fees, uniforms, food, medical care and computer literacy skills training for underprivileged children in countries such as Bangladesh, Indonesia and Palestine.

We are heavily involved in alleviating terrible conditions in war-torn regions as well, and have orchestrated local NGO networks to distribute food, medicines, and medical equipment to refugees and victims of war in Chechnya, Somalia, Iraq, and Afghanistan.

The Priority

The Priority

“ Reducing global poverty is an international priority. By managing the dispensation of aid efficiently and productively in line with the ideals of Islam, Muslim Aid Asia aims to set the standard in combating poverty in Southeast Asia and the Far East. ”

Muslim Aid Asia is the official representative office of Muslim Aid Australia, an international aid relief and development agency that works to eradicate poverty and alleviate human suffering in the world’s poorest communities.

Muslim Aid has worked for decades to deliver urgent aid to the world’s most distressed and poorest people across all continents, regardless of race and religion. Although we are an Islamic body, our aid crosses all boundaries.

Nevertheless, it cannot be denied that Muslims make up the largest number of the global disadvantaged, and one of our paramount roles as an Islamic charity is to extend a helping hand to our fellow Muslims.

One of the motives behind the formation of Muslim Aid is to highlight the plight of these global Muslims and ignite compassion, empathy and the willingness to help among affluent Muslims in developed nations. Furthermore, Muslim Aid aims to nurture a charitable mindset among Muslims globally by making donations easy and secure through online credit card payments and bank transfers.

You can be rest assured that we do not condone terrorism, violence or any form of subversive activities and that monies raised are used to fund aid and sustainable development activities that are fully in line with Islamic guidelines and best ethical practices.

We also subscribe to international standards of transparency and disclosure, and aim to operate efficiently and productively. Currently, only 14% of funds raised are used for administration and 3% for fundraising while the remaining 83% is used solely for aid relief. This is one of the most efficient costs to aid ratios within the charitable organisation sector.

Corporate Infomation

Date of establishment:
Dec 15, 2004

Number: 674887-A

Business Address:
8-1-2, Menara Mutiara Bangsar
Jalan Liku , 59100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Tel: +603-22881996
Fax: +603-22881966

Banker: EON Bank Bhd, KL Main Branch,
Wisma Cyclecarri,
288 Jalan Raja Laut,
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Account Number: 0518-11-000311-5

Account Holder: Muslim Aid Asia Sdn Bhd

Sister Organizations

Muslim Aid Australia

Business Address:
Suites 15 -16,168 Haldon St,
Lakemba NSW 2195, Australia
Tel: +61297404088
Fax: +61297404143


Banker: Wesrpac Bank (Lakemba Branch)

BSB: 032-065 Act No.158681

Account Number: 0518-11-000311-5S

Account Holder: Muslim Aid Australia Overseas Aid Fund

Muslim Aid Serving Humanity

Business Address:
PO Box 3, London E1 1wp,
United Kingdom
Tel: +44(0)2073774200
Fax: +44(0)2073774021


Llyods Bank (309421)

Account Number: 00025164

Account Holder: Muslim Aid

Muslim Aid Germany

Business Address:
Muslim Helfen e.V.
International Hilfsorganisatiol
Postfach 31 02 72
80102 Munchen, Germany

Tel: +49(089)32199190
Fax: +49(089)321991940


Banker: Deutsche Bank (70070024)

Account Number: 2290450

Account Holder: Muslim Helfen