Tuesday, September 26, 2006



The sacrificing of Qurban or Adhiya is a highly recommended religious act. Prophet Muhammad SAW (pbuh) ordered each family to do so at least once a year. Muslim Aid Asia (MAA) calls on you to donate your sacrifice, religious duty, to the world's most needy families-give a Qurban4Life.

MAA monitors the certified halal process of your Qurbans. This ensures humane treatment of the animals and healthy meat product. As part of our effort to provide quality food aid distribution, MAA sources livestock according to Islamic specifications. We ensure a balances selection of male and female sheep for long term sustainability, and non-diseased animals.

Slaughtering will be carried out on the 10th to 12th Zulhijjah 1426H (January 10-12,2006) at facilities chosen by MAA. The facilities are those certified halal by the Australian Federation of Islamic Development (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia-JAKIM).

This year, we are offering a three-pronged approach to food aid:

RM350 for one full Qurban
Performing a Qurban on behalf of your family as Food Aid can feed up to five families for one week.

RM200 equivalent to half a Qurban
Giving at least 15 cans of corned meat, which can be stored to benefit a family for several months.

RM100 donation
This gift provides general food aid to feed one whole family in some of the world's poorest countries.

MAA HAS been organising Qurban for over 13 years for distribution as food aid to the world's most needy. We see the canning of Qurban as the most viable alternative in poor, drought-stricken and war-torn places that are lacking infrastructure such as electricity.

Canned meat procides longer "shelf life" allowing the poor and the destitude to sustain their families for a longer period in times of calamities and trial. In the 1425H season, MAA donated three containers od canned Qurban to Indonesia and one to Thailand.

Where possible, MAA also distributes Frozen Qurban Meat in areas where it sees as more "cultureally appropriate." This allows such communities as the war striken and those struck by disaster, to use fresh meat for food preparation.

MAA also organises "Local Slaughter" in some countries. This way, your contributions assist in the on-going sustainability of that communuty.

1. Livestock is purchased locally.
2. Fresh meat is enjoyed on Eid day.
3. Support local farmers.
4. The needy community also benefit from non-meat products of the Qurban such as skin and wool.

MAA assesses each country's need and logistics, to distribute the most effective from of Qurban with your donation.

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